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Toe Blister Video

The video below was taken at the 2007 Badwater Ultramarathon. This footrace goes from Badwater, the lowest point in the continental United States, to the Mt. Whitney Portal - 135 miles. The toe belongs to one of the runners who came to me for assistance after he finished the race.

The big toe had a huge blister, filled with clear fluid. Even though the video shows me making one cut, I followed up with several more. My aim in lancing a blister is to make several cuts where gravity and foot pressure will force out any remaining fluid.

The blister was first cleaned with an alcohol wipe and then lanced. After draining, I dressed the blister with ointment and then wrapped the toe with Coban. As usual, I advised the runner to soak his foot in warm/hot water with a cup of Epson salts several times daily. This helps to dry the blister for faster healing.

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