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Reviews and Praise for Fixing Your Feet

If there's one thing that can turn an ultra run or adventure race into a nightmare experience, it is sore and injured feet. Blistering and other foot ailments are not a 'luck', or lack thereof, situation. Pre-race care and conditioning, during race maintenance and knowing how to deal with issues as they arise is crucial. Vonhof is THE undisputed foot guru. His advice is sound and simple; and it comes as much from his own experience as his time spent at hundreds of races, working with thousands of athletes. Fixing Your Feet guides you through caring for and maintaining your feet. Although he teaches you how to patch blisters and deal with a variety of foot ailments, his objective is to have you running pain free from start to finish. He promotes prevention. And the recipe is easy. Read Fixing Your Feet. Do. Run." ~ Lisa de Speville - adventure racer, ultra runner and editor of, South Africa's adventure racing website

Thank you for your amazing ability to give the runners such superb foot care and to educate while doing it. Your vast and incomparable knowledge of foot care for athletes in Fixing Your Feet is, without a doubt, the BEST in the entire world! I marvel always when I get the chance to work with you as each time I come away learning more yet - craving more. With your medical background and amazing focus and memory each runner gets the unique opportunity to learn about his individual needs while you expertly patch and care for those sore feet. ~ Denise Jones, Badwater Blister Queen

I reference Fixing Your Feet often when consulting with customers about their foot troubles. There simply is no replacement for the amount of relevant content introduced in Fixing Your Feet. The product recommendations are unbiased and based on experience with real athletes. Fixing Your Feet is a must-read for serious runners, hikers and team sports athletes. ~ Jason Pawelsky, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, ENGO Patches,

Last week I successfully completed the Racing the Planet Australia 2010, 250km race. It is the first time that I have completed a race of this distance and having read your book really helped make the race a truly enjoyable experience. Of the 185 starting competitors only 118 completed the race, and most competitors had a lot of problems with blisters from the first day. I truly believe that if I had not read Fixing your Feet three months prior to the event I would have been exactly in the same position. Instead I managed to complete the week with feet in great condition - and not a single blister. ~ Nathan Wilson, ultrarunner, Australia

As a walker, runner, hiker and a podiatrist, I have found Fixing Your Feet full of essential information for athletes at all levels. Anyone with a foot problem would benefit from this book. An absolute must for runners, adventure racers and ultra-runners! - Christine Dobrowolski, podiatrist and author of Those Aching Feet

Fixing Your Feet is THE encyclopedia of foot care! Whether you're looking for daily foot health tips or how to survive prolonged and severe foot floggings in ultra endurance sports, this is your one stop source of foot info. John has done his homework and presents it in an organized and easy read. You've saved my feet. Thanks! ~ Terri Schneider, ultrarunner, adventure racer and triathlete

Fixing Your Feet is a great resource for backpackers, especially long-distance backpackers who put extreme demands on their feet. I've used it to expand my general knowledge on the subject, to mitigate foot issues that I've had in the past or might have had in the future, and to treat and diagnose foot-related issues that arise during my training and trips. ~ Andrew Skurka, the first person to complete the 7,700 mile Sea-to-Sea Route spanning the continent between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 2005

Fixing Your Feet is the most comprehensive, easy-to-read, organized foot care guide on the market. Originally purchased for personal use, I now carry it with me during my travels, often using it as a conversation-stimulator. Everyone likes to talk about their feet and John does a great job helping me help others. ~ Tammy Hanna, ENGO Performance Patches

Through our experience as ultrarunners, we've noticed that our foot care needs continue to change, due to different environments, changes in training and racing, and even changes in our feet. We keep coming back to Fixing Your Feet for the most useful and comprehensive foot advice, and we always find the answers we're looking for. This new edition keeps us up-to-date with the latest products and trends. We couldn't ask for anything more! ~ Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell, ultrarunners and founders of

Fixing Your Feet is the most comprehensive book that I have ever seen on foot care. As a person who has been running for over 27 years and has run over 100,000 miles, I know just how important it is to maintain proper care of your feet. John presents a variety of information that is tried and true and practical and real. One of the major things that I appreciate is his statement that there is no one method to treat each problem. What works for one runner may or may not work for another runner. This is THE encyclopedia of foot problems. I would encourage every runner especially those with a history of foot problems, to use this book as a valuable resource. ~ David Horton, ultrarunner, Pacific Crest Trail speed record holder

Rather than learning the hard way, Fixing Your Feet has brought together the painful experiences of many to teach us some valuable lessons in how to care for the most important equipment - our feet. ~ Krissy Moehl, ultramarathoner

This book is a must have! Fixing Your Feet is a comprehensive book on foot care for adventure and endurance racing. John's methods and product recommendations have been tested over thousands of miles and stand the test of time. I have not found a more through text. He has a very down to earth way of explaining techniques and product evaluation that are essential to all athletes. ~ Zak Weis, podiatrist to adventure racers

Fixing Your Feet is an invaluable resource for ultra-distance runners, hikers, and adventure-seekers who want to avoid race-ending blisters, lost toenails, and other foot miseries. Read it and stop weeping! ~ Sue Norwood, age 57, ultra runner and 2005 Appalachian Trail thru-runner

Fixing Your Feet explains in an easy-to-understand, straightforward way what has taken me 23 years to learn. I learned the painful way. You can learn the easy way-by reading this book, which answers all the questions I once had. ~ Dan Barger, Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race Founder, Ultrarunning Grand Slam Record Holder 1998-2002. Adventure racer and ultrarunner

IMHO, John Vonhof is a god. I thought that I knew everything about my feet too - but I think that his book is better than anything else out there for new & tested ideas. ~ Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija - PCT Hiker

I have your latest copy of Fixing Your Feet. You should see it now, full of turned corners and yellow highlighter. ~ Jürgen Ankenbrand, the Ultra Kraut

I have followed your directions regarding using an emery board on the edges of my nails to smooth them, and it worked like a dream! This was the first ultra I've run that I've finished with no loose/painful/etc toenails! And it was a 100 miles! That alone was worth twice the price of the book. ~ Ultrarunner Joe Kallo

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