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Foot Care Links

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About Feet

FootWeb - Foot care treatment information resource

Foot Care Central - Information on your feet and lower leg

Footcare Direct - Foot, ankle and heel information

Dr. Todd's - Relief for the feet products. Everything for the feet and more.

OPTP - a site with tools for fitness including tapes, the StretchEZ for plantar fasciitis, and much more

Foot Express - Foot care home health products and treatments

The Foot Store - Products for foot support and comfort by certified pedorthists

The Foot and Ankle Links Library - Lots of links to foot care specialists

The Ambulatory Foot Clinic - Podiatric Pain Management Center

Injured Runner - A good site with injury specific information for all athletes

FootSmart - A complete line of skin care products made for the feet

The Foot Blog - A good resource about feet

The Orthotic Shop - a source of orthotics, insoles, and supports


About Footwear - an online source for all things footwear


About Fun and Adventure - A website chock-full of information about ultraruning events around the world - Information about fastpacking and lightweight backpacking

About Walking - A great resource for walkers

Ultrarunning Magazine - The magazine about ultras

Run100s - Ultra event information, and links & blogs

National Scenic Trails - Email listservs for six national trails - Find a trail anywhere

Adventure World Magazine - the official magazine of the United States Adventure Racing Association


People Making a Difference

Lisa Smith-Batchen - Ultrarunner, coach, inspiration

Logan Beaulieu - Ultarunner after a near fatal car crash when he was 16

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