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Medical / Foot Care

John in Costa RicaJohn is a sought after medical staff person for many athletic events. His skills as a paramedic and orthopedic technician pale in comparison to his expertise as a foot care expert. Since writing Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes, the 'bible' of foot care, he has earned the reputation as a foot care expert. He often works these events, patching feet, leading foot care clinics, and teaching doctors, podiatrist's, nurses, paramedic's, EMTs, and racers and their crews how to manage foot care in extreme events. In the picture above, from the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica (2006), John is at the base of the background palm tree.

Events Worked

  • Western States 100 Mile Run - in the California High Sierras, 1997-2005, and 2010
  • Badwater Ultramarathon - through California's Death Valley, 2002, 2006 - 2010
  • The six-day TransRockies Race - Through the Colorado Rockies, 2010
  • Raid the North Extreme Expedition Adventure Race - Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada 2007
  • Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race - Colorado 2003, California 2004, Washington 2005
  • The Coastal Challenge - Costa Rica 2006
  • Racing the Planet's Atacama Crossing - Chile 2004

If you are interested in having John work one of your events, please send him an email: . For more information about John's experience and what he can do for your event, check out the PDF FixingYourFeet flyer.


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