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Prevention Tips

1.  If you are prone  to blisters, try taping your feet before hiking or running to eliminate friction points. Learn how to tape toes, heels, and the balls of the feet. Duct tape and Elastikon tape are two good  tapes. They can also be used to tape over blisters.

2.  Use Compound Tincture of Benzoin on your feet before applying tape to hot spots or blisters-prone areas of your feet.

3.  If you use a lubricant on your feet and still blister, try using a good highly-absorbent powder instead. Likewise, if you use powder and blister, try a top-quality lubricant.

4.  If you will be running or hiking during rainy weather, consider trying a high-technology oversock, like the SealSkinz waterproof socks. This type of sock can help reduce blister problems caused by wet feet.

5.  If you are prone to pressure point problems caused by shoe or boot laces, try one of the lacing options for your specific foot style or one of the new alternatives to regular laces. These new laces can offer greater foot comfort.

6.  Dry and callused  feet can be helped by using quality skin care  products. These creams or lotions can soften hard skin, eliminate cracks in your skin, and make your skin more resistant to blisters.

7.  Investigate the new socks found in your running and camping  stores. Many of these socks offer moisture wicking benefits, double layers to reduce friction, or special yarns to reduce heat  buildup. The right socks are a major factor in preventing blisters.

8.  If you have problems with dust and grit buildup coming in over the tops of your shoes or boots, try gaiters. A gaiter, store bought or home-made, can eliminate the friction against your feet caused by dust, rocks, and grit in the socks.

9.  If you wear orthotics and experience problems, try one of the inexpensive alternatives to expensive hard orthotics. These alternative insoles can relieve pressure points, reduce blister and foot irritations, and make your feet comfortable again.

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